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Is it Bad to Have a Public Defender Versus a Private Attorney?

In the instance you or someone you know is in need of a defense attorney, the options are having a public defender or a private attorney. Here’s what to expect from each: Public defenders are assigned to clients, so you will not get to choose your public defender. They work on multiple cases at the […]

San Bernardino Bail Bonds is one of California’s most successful and sincere bail bond companies.

Our Clients Come First

San Bernardino Bail Bond Store is one of California’s most successful and sincere bail bond companies. It’s no wonder why, after 27 years, the company continues to please client after client. While, yes it is unfortunate to bring in so many clients upset with this sudden situation they landed in, they all find confidence after […]

Enjoy The Music and Avoid The Consequences

Though raves and music festivals have been hosted for years, only recently in California has its popularity grown immensely. These fun events promote unity and peace in a euphoric environment but this does not come without danger. We’re sure you heard the controversy surrounding Electric Daisy Carnival 2010, where a 16-year-old girl died of a […]

“Three Strikes, You’re Out!”

We are not talking about baseball. We’re talking about something much more serious – a California law that was put into effect over 10 years ago. Here are the terms: A defendant who has two or more previous convictions is sentenced to a minimum of 25 years on his or her third felony of a […]

What is expected from you in bailing someone out of jail

The process of bailing someone out of jail can be tiresome and complicated for a person to do on their own. In fact, they shouldn’t have to do it on their own. That’s why San Bernardino Bail Bond Store in California is here to do it for you, and walk with you through the process. […]

What to do if you are unexpectedly stopped for questioning

Being stopped by the police is always going to be at least a little alarming, even if you truly have done nothing wrong. Here are some pointers to remember in order to properly conduct yourself and handle the situation in case this ever happens: Remain calm. Do not try to escape, run away, argue, resist, […]

How using bail bonds benefits the public

Most people know two things about bail: 1) it’s costly, and 2) it just keeps people out of jail until their court hearing. However, what most people don’t know are all the hidden benefits of saving money and impacting safety for the public: Pre-trial jail populations are reduced at no expense to taxpayers. Defendants out […]

You’re not that bad person that got you into trouble.

Our actions are not always an accurate representation of ourselves. Getting a C on an exam doesn’t mean you’re not smart. Falling while biking doesn’t mean you can’t bike. Getting pulled over for speeding doesn’t mean you’re an awful driver. Roughhousing doesn’t mean you’re a violent person. Sometimes though, we get a little ahead and […]