Client Testimonials & Reviews

San Bernardino Bail Bonds


“Best bail bond company in my opinion. They helped me and my mom bail out my brother. The process didn’t seem long. They helped us figure out the finances. Thank you so much!”
–  Vince Max.



“Thank you Bail Bonds in San Bernardino! Despite the situation for my cousin, you guys made the process fast, smooth and easy for us. Everything was handled in a timely manner that I had no extra concerns or worries. They got everything done for us as quickly as they could. Thank you once again for the great service.”
–  Guadalupe Delgado



“Thank you Bail Bonds in San Bernardino for all the help! Service was fast and simple. We really appreciate all the help. If your in need oof a bond i reccomend themm. Fyi ask about discounts :)”
–  Paloma Soto.



“My daughter in law was arrested, and we used bail bonds in san bernardino to bail her out. The whole experience, beside the fact that she was arrested, was good. They were able to explian the process very detailed. When i called they found her in the system right away. I love the fact that they were able to do everything over the phone. The agent even reccomended a place to eat since we weren’t familiar with the area. Very happy with the overall service! Worth checking out….fyi ask about the discounts they offer.”
–  Marisela Serrano.



“We referred one of our friend to Bail Bonds in San Bernardino because they offer flexible payment option and offer 24 hours support for Bail. It took an extra day to get the bail done but was well worth the savings. We will definitely refer anyone else who may need their service again.”
–  Betty D.



“Really Bail Bonds in San Bernardino supported a lot and gave me many legal advice that helped me to get out jail without any problem.I recommend them.”
–  Ray L.



“If your loved one or family is in jail then this is the place to go. My friend was in trouble and they assisted me. Thank you so much Bail Bonds in San Bernardino and you were a great help.”
–  Jenny L.



“What can I say, we got busted in Valencia and didn’t know what to do. Luckily my girlfriend got on Google and found Bail Bonds in San Bernardino . The owner actually answered the phone himself and it was like 1am! Thanks to Bail Bonds in San Bernardino , I didn’t have to sit in San Bernardino Jail with all the REAL criminals.”
–  Marthy M.



“Very quick, responsive and easy to deal with, I wouldn’t trust anyone else to bail me or a loved one out of jail.”
–  Lennie D.



“I was out of town when my friend got arrested. I simply searched ‘bail bonds’ and they popped up in the first place. The procedure was really simple and fast. I was lucky that I found this company. Nice people.”
–  Maria G.



“My wife contacted Bail Bonds in San Bernardino and they were there bright and early taking care of business. He was very polite and knew his job. I am very impressed and very pleased with Bail Bonds in San Bernardino.”
–  George S.


“Thank you for all the help during a very stressful time. Everyone was very professional and helpful. The agent was very good at explaining everything and answering all of my questions.”
–  Bill P.



“It has been absolutely awesome and the bondsman was totally kind, respectful and pleasant to work with. They were very helpful and understanding. It was a great experience that exceeded my expectations.”
–  Brent J.



“When I talked to your bail agent on the phone, she was very informative and so pleasant. At the office, your clerk was organized, helpful and kind. I didn’t expect a bail agent to treat me like a human being. I have been telling all my friends and family how great your service is.”

–  Lillian M.



“I’ve had to use you before and needed you again. Of course I came back to you because your bail agents are friendly and patient.”

–  Kimberly B.



“These guys are great. The agent is so knowledgeable of the “system” and with great ease, confidence and most importantly, grace, our loved one’s bail was posted within the hour. Robert is a professional and a gentleman. He keeps his word and has a heart to help. Although we (hope) will never again need his services, we sincerely recommend Bail bonds in San Bernardino when you need a “super hero” to help your love one… fast!!!”

–  Lilia H.



“I’ve unfortunately had to use these services and have to say our agent Christina help us is the best. She handled everything for me out here from the moment we called. She helped me along the way until the case was over. Very reliable, honest, professional and courteous. If I’m ever in a jam again this is the first person I would call.”

–  Victor B.



“When my buddy Derrick got arrested for violating his restraining order, I used Bail Bonds in San Bernardino to get him out of jail. I’m so pleased with Bail Bonds in San Bernardino!!! They’re the best around with fast service. Before you consider any other company you should contact Bail Bonds in San Bernardino first!!!”

–  Melissa S.



“Professional Professional Professional… John went above and beyond to assist my family he help us to understand this process and made it as smooth as possible… we would definitely recommend his services… Thanks John for all you do!!! You ROCK!!!!”

–  Jenny B.



“I called and asked a question about my friends case, and Becky who picked up the phone was awesome. She took the time to explain what I can do to resolve my problem. I don’t think a lot of people would have cared about helping me knowing they would not get paid, but Becky didn’t mind at all. She was real sincere and took the time to help me out. If I ever needed to place bail, I will definitely call you up Becky. Thanks!”

–  Billy K.