Rancho Cucamonga Bail Bonds Wants You to Understand Zero Down Bail

rancho cucamonga bail bonds

When someone you love gets arrested, your first priority is to get them out of jail as quickly as you can. The problem is that no one budgets for bail. It’s an expense no one ever plans on having. In some cases, when the bail is only a few thousand dollars, you can scrape up the money, but if the judge sets a bail that is five figures or more, coming up with the funds can seem impossible.

That’s where Rancho Cucamonga Bail Bonds comes into the picture. We’re a locally-owned bail bonds company that wants to help you secure the release of your loved one.

How We Handle Bail

When you work with us, you only have to come up with 10% of the bail. In exchange for you giving us 10%, we pay the full amount. It’s a pretty sweet deal! What you do have to understand is that you won’t get the 10% you paid us back.

How Zero Down Bail Works

While 10% is quite a bit less than you needed to come up with before, it can still be a sizeable chunk of money. We understand that you might not have that in liquid assets. If you don’t have the money, you can ask us about qualifying for our zero down bail program.

Zero down bail is exactly what it sounds like. You don’t have to pay any money upfront and we’ll still cover your loved one’s bail.

It’s important to note that not everyone will qualify for our zero down bail program. We have to be confident that you will be able to make payments on the 10% you’ll ultimately owe us.

Things we consider when it comes to determining if you qualify for zero down bail include:


  • How long you’ve been employed at your current job

  • Your credit score

  • What assets you own

  • If you have any friends/family who is willing to co-sign on the zero down bail

If we determine that you qualify for zero down bail, we’ll promptly start the process of bailing your loved one out of jail. Once we start the process, it usually doesn’t take long to secure the release of your loved one, though there are times when the court system does slow the process.

All consultations are free, so don’t hesitate to contact us. You’ll speak to a highly qualified bail bonds expert who will answer all of your questions. The sooner you contact us, the sooner you’ll learn if you qualify for zero down bail.

We also offer the following:

  • No Money Down (approved credit)
  • 24/7 Bail Bond Service
  • 20% Discount
  • Phone approvals
  • 0% Interest Payment Plans
  • No Collateral with Working Signer
  • Se Habla Español

We’ve created two ways for you to contact us. Call (909) 888-7007 or click Chat With Us.