California’s Noise Protection Laws

california noise laws

California’s Noise Protection Laws

california noise laws

There’s nothing worse than noisy neighbors. Without fail, neighbors only seem to get noisy after you’ve had a long day and only want to crawl into bed and sleep for twelve straight hours. The more exhausted you are, the louder they seem to get.

Figuring out how to handle your noisy neighbors isn’t easy. Yes, California does have noise protection laws, but it can be difficult to know if they apply to your situation.

What are the Noise Protection Laws

Noise protection laws are designed to keep neighborhoods quiet. There are a few reasons for this. First, when the entire neighborhood is quiet, neighbors are less likely to get on one another’s nerves which in turn decreases the odds of neighbors committing petty crimes against one another. Another thing noise protection laws do is make it more obvious when there is a domestic dispute in the community, increasing the odds of the shouts getting reported, which in turn increases the odds of the police being able to step in before the situation escalates.

In addition to preventing your neighbors from blaring their radio in the middle of the night or mowing their law, noise protection laws also restrict the hours that commercial activities such as concerts, garbage collection, and construction projects can take place.

California’s noise protection laws are addressed in the Health and Safety Code 46000.

Who Enforces Noise Protection Laws

Different California cities have different organizations that are responsible for resolving noise-related disputes. In L.A., the Bureau of Street Services is sent to investigate noise complaints. In other cities, the local police force might handle the situation.

When a noise complaint is filed, the goal isn’t to bring your neighbor to court. The goal is to get both sides talking and try to come up with a compromise. In a surprising number of situations, the neighbors honestly didn’t realize that they were being loud and were happy to tone things down.

Should you Report Your Neighbors for Excessive Noise

Only you can decide if you should report your neighbors for excessive noise. Before you pick up the phone and file the complaint, you need to consider that the issue might drive a wedge between you and your neighbor, creating a strained relationship that could have a direct impact on the overall quality of your life.

In most situations, it’s best to talk to your neighbor and discuss the situation before getting the neighbors involved.