The Benefits of Hiring a Good Criminal Defense Attorney

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The Benefits of Hiring a Good Criminal Defense Attorney

One of the biggest decisions you have to make after you’ve been charged with a crime is deciding if you should hire a private criminal defense attorney or if you should take advantage of a public defender.

The correct answer is going to vary from one person to another. That being said, there are several reasons why paying a good criminal defense attorney may be the best choice for you.

Criminal Defense Attorney Aren’t as Overworked as Public Defenders

The typical public defender has a great deal on their plate. While they care about their clients, they simply don’t have the time needed to give each case as much individualized attention as they should get. While good criminal defense attorneys are also busy, they have more time available to them to not only investigate the charges you’re facing and to scrutinize every single aspect of the police investigation, but they are also going to take the time to get to know you.

The Reputation of the Criminal Defense Attorney Depends on the Outcome of Your Case

Criminal defense attorneys know that they won’t win every single case, but they also know that the more favorably your case goes, the easier it will be for them to acquire good clients in the future. Criminal defense lawyers depend on having a winning record which is why they work extremely hard to make sure your case is perfectly handled. They will do everything in their power to make sure you get the justice you deserve.

It’s estimated that public defenders only win about 15% of the cases they take on. When you look at the typical stats of a good criminal lawyer in your area, you’ll notice that their win-to-loss ratio is usually significantly better.

Criminal Defense Attorneys Have Many Resources

When it comes to available resources, public defenders simply can’t compare to private criminal defense lawyers. The private lawyer has the resources available to hire private investigators, explore the possibility of expert witnesses, and take other avenues of defense that a public defender simply doesn’t have access to.

If your case goes to trial, having these resources at your disposal can have a major impact on the jury and could potentially be the difference between a not guilty and a guilty verdict.

If you are facing minor charges, you’ll likely be fine with a public defender, but for serious charges, many find that they are more comfortable when they have a private criminal defense attorney in their corner.